District 104 is glad to appoint Mohammed Ibrahim Maracar, DTM as District Alignment Chair for the year 2017-18.

The alignment committee will study the current club growth together with the current District Directors and put forward a plan for the next program year (starting July-2018), that will serve the clubs in the most effective way possible while meeting TI policy requirements. The timeline for committee’s activities are listed below, for information:-

Timeline Activity
December Forms full Committee and collects background data
January/ February Collects alignment changes gathering input from Area and Division Directors
March Prepares Alignment Proposal and submits to District Excom for review. Changes are notified to the clubs affected.
27 April District Council approved final alignment (during SATAC)
1-July New alignment comes into effect

Alignment Considerations:-

  1. This realignment proposal is subject to the approval of the district council at its annual meeting on 4-May-18
  2. The approved alignment will be effective throughout the year (July-2018 to June-2019).
  3. The Realignment Plan shall serve the clubs in the most effective way possible.
  4. The Realignment Plan shall meet Toastmasters International Policy Requirements. Refer to Policy and Protocol, Protocol 7.0: District Structure, 1. Club Assignments.
  5. A division must have a minimum of three Areas
  6. Each AREA shall have a minimum of four clubs and no more than six clubs. However, an Area may consist of three clubs only when a concentrated effort to charter a fourth club is in process. (A prospective club shall be listed with TI)
  7. Under no circumstances may an AREA have more than six clubs at the beginning of the program year, July 1.
  8. Advanced clubs may not be segregated into Areas. (Don’t group all advanced clubs together in a single Area)
  9. It is recommended that areas not be segregated by language. (Don’t group all specific language clubs in a single Area)
  10. Once the alignment is approved during Council, any new clubs chartered thereafter will remain in those respective Areas (Keeping maximum number of clubs in an Area limited to 6)